Stella’s Wrap

So my girl has a birthday and it’s comin’ up real soon
She’s dropped lots of hints so I won’t be a damn buffoon
She likes to work out and to look really fit
Goes to the gym so much, her clothes sure take a hit

Now I’m strolling through the mall and I’m looking’ like a felon
Brain does a double-take seein’ Lulu-Lemon
Walk into the store and pick out some fly capri’s
I look at the price-tag and my heart it wants to seize!

But I take it on the chin and line up to cash out
Cashier takes one look at me and starts to look about
If she said what she’s thinking, I know it won’t be kind
So ring me up real quick, girl, before I change my mind

Next I’m walking to my car with this stupid little bag
It even got a button on to justify the tag
I think she’s gonna like it, I think it’s really sweet
But just in case I screwed up, I got a gift-receipt 🙂

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