I’m sure he didn’t want the part
A lifetime trapped on an eternal set
Whose final credits he would never see
Under the brightly lit confidence of death

A final scene lays in wait
Keep adding acts, delay the end
Tortured yearning for relief
He must ignore the answer to his pain

Live an earnest life’s deceit
Embrace honesty, but not too much
Do not ponder certain truth
The answer in its cage lies dormant

Their worries only make it worse
His demons need no other guests
Do not make your worries his
His screams ask not for company

The answer subtly starts to transmit
A siren only he can hear
The fury of the questions too much to bear
The stillness of the answer, glorious

To question its wisdom misjudges its power
An explanation found only in familiarity
The answer is not seen as the problem
The answer is the only viable solution

The answer, a lifetime in the wings
An eager understudy bides its time
Its relentless patience loomed too long
Life always delivers the break it needs

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