#Brexit Explained

#Brexit explained: getting out of an abusive relationship by disowning 27 friends, then hopping in the first car that stops to help, only to find out it is driven by the brother of the guy who beat you, and he’s a serial killer.

The Greatest

As I waited for my bag to emerge on the carousel at South Bend airport around New Year’s Day in 1996, I noticed a small throng of people around one person. The immense width of Muhammad Ali’s shoulders was the first thing I noticed, followed by the small tremors in his arms. As I wheeled … More The Greatest

Jessica Andrews / Dzessika Andreyeva – The Hypocrisy Around Improvements And Nationality

Originally posted on swiftgirlathletics:
? There is a British runner named Jessica Andrews and last Saturday she ran an eighty three second PB to become the surprise winner of the British Olympic 10,000m trials and qualify for Rio later this summer… …But what if her name was Džéssika Andreyeva? Or Dzhes Arzamasava? Would we feel differently about…

Dope Twitter Rhymes

To ensure Chris Froome’s Esquire article got the respect it deserved, his efforts were memorialised in verse by several fans. Kind of.  I'm branching out… A cycling limerick! 😂 pic.twitter.com/hkE7vTQXc8 — Louise (@Swift__Girl) December 4, 2015 Froomey's played a blinder The data show he's straight He simply worked with Leinders And lost a lot of weight — … More Dope Twitter Rhymes