NYT – Today in 1933 – March 1st

I didn’t know I had access to the entire back catalog of The New York Times through my library card. How cool is that!

New unhealthy obsession: reading the front page of the newspaper on this day in 1933. Hitler was made Chancellor on January 30th. So, what was he up to the day after the Reichstag fire, as published on March 1st?

  1. Issuing an emergency decree to combat communist terror (Islamic Fundamentalists?)
  2. Gave the Federal government the right to seize executive power in states that failed to take necessary measures to restore law and order. (Sanctuary cities, Chicago?
  3. Some newspapers were suppressed (sorry, NYT
  4. 130 communists and pacifists were arrested (hide your pink hats)
  5. Police and ‘auxiliary police’ swarming everywhere (ICE?)
  6. Nationalist students insisting that on the removal of all newspapers with the faintest tinge of liberalism from the University of Berlin (Milo at Berkeley?

Interesting stuff, history.

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