Betsy, Bikes and Bruyneel

Extracts of a thread on Betsy Andreu’s Facebook page pushing the upcoming CBS ’60 Minutes’ episode  about mechanical doping. Other posts added for context to see to what BA and JB chose to respond. Other posters listed as XX except where names given by BA/JB in their replies.

Betsy Andreu: Watch 60 Minutes this Sunday evening on CBS. For the record, Frankie never used a motor, never knew of anyone who used a motor in the peloton (remember Frankie wasn’t considered a “team player” so wasn’t privy to much). The question I have for you is this (and remember, your speech is protected as long as you state it’s your opinion or belief): Who do you think pioneered the first motor used in the peloton? Look at the bike in the back. Nice replica.

Xx: Not sure that Armstrong did it as his former mechanic Mike Anderson would have known about it. He is another person burned by Lance so he has no reason to keep it a secret.

BA: Anderson was never his mechanic for the Tour

Xx:Wow, I also remember Tyler stating that even with doping Armstrong had something extra, but now I believe he did it.

BA:, in regards to what Tyler said, we were trying to figure out what it was. One thing that came to mind was turtle’s extract. just couldn’t figure it out. Now it makes sense. No idea back then since the idea didn’t even exist at least to us.

BA: who says he doesn’t lie? He himself said he has no credibility. Believe him.

Johan Bruyneel: Betsy Kramar Andreu – Who were his mechanics during all of his Tours then, Mrs. Andreu? I thought I might ask you since it seems that you have first hand knowledge of basically everything that happened during, in and around the Tours de France. #JustCurious

David Malady: Time for an exclusive Johan, did you have knowledge of a motor on any bikes used by Lance.

JB: David Malady – absolutely negative

Xx: interesting he says he sold the motor to someone for $2M in 1998 and the next year armstrong wins the tour.

BA: Interesting, isn’t it?

Xx: I reckon Lance was just powered by the Benny Hill theme tune 😉

BA: kinda like fluffy pillows powers SKY?

BA: Refresh your memory with the video and the threats, personal threats as well (6 min video):

Xx: Come on Betsy Kramar Andreu – we all know Lance became faster because he lost weight due to cancer and upped his pedal cadence (for the record: this is sarcasm)

BA: The fat is clouding my judgment. You are right!!!

XX: Mr. Varjas said that the engine powered bike started during the LA era, but still in my opinion it would have been too much to deal with ( taking care not to get caught with e-bikes while blooddoping and playing hide&seek with the vampires). Both would’ve been the summum of perversion and cheating. I just hope it wasn’t so without really excluding the possibility knowing what LA is capable of…winning at all cost

BA: how evil genius would it have been to have something no one else even knew about it?

xx: Frankie used EPO and other PEDs, what makes a motor any different? He also denied taking drugs at 1st.

BA: John Wakefield, are you trying to muddy the waters? Nice try if you are but Frankie never denied. The first time he was asked ever by a journalist was by David Walsh in 2003 and he told him the truth. The first time it became public was the 2nd time he was ever asked by a journalist and that was Juliet Macur (NYT) in 2006. If you can’t see a difference between drugs and a motor, I can’t help you.

Xx: Blooddoping or not is not the point here. With e-bikes cheaters take it a huge step further…

John: Betsy Kramar Andreu no not at all but cheating is cheating – makes no difference how. Cutting a course or doping it’s cheating. If you can’t see that, something you strongly supposedly stand by the I can’t help you.

BA: Of course cheating is cheating John. Motors take out the human element completely. While drugs affect people differently, motors don’t.

John Wakefield: Betsy Kramar Andreu you Can give me a bike with a motor and I’m still not going to win a Tour or PT classic – also give me all the drugs Lance, Frankie and Landis took and I also won’t win. Cheating is cheating no one is better or less than the other. A cheat is a cheat. Doesn’t make them a bad personal entirely but they a cheat. Frankie cheated, yet he is a good guy. Same thing

BA: Frankie used epo, guilty. Lance used a slew of drugs ranging from steroids to testosterone to blood transfusions. Both bad. Sorry as hard as you try to equate Frankie with lance, ain’t gonna happen. Good on you for trying John Wakefield, you are persistent.

Jeffrey: I used to get monthly EPO shots when I was in kidney failure. They referred to it as the “ Lance Armstrong” shot at the dialysis clinic. They never called it the “Frankie Andreu” shot.

BA: ^ You have a great sense of humor Jeffrey!

JB: Regarding your remark about Mike Anderson…
Betsy Kramar Andreu,
Who were his mechanics during all of his Tours then, Mrs. Andreu? 

I thought I might ask you since it seems that you have first hand knowledge of basically everything that happened during, in and around the Tours de France. #JustCurious

Connie McDonald: Johan Bruyneel.. would be interested to know when you first met Varjas …..also when was the last time you called him?

JB: Connie McDonald – I have never met the guy. Didn’t know of his existence till a few months ago. I did speak to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago. Hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to ask that man himself.

BA: Another interesting thing is that if someone doesn’t have something to hide or fear coming to the USA for fear of being arrested, they’d come here, right?

JB: Is that your answer to my question, Mrs. Andreu?

BA: Someone want to take a screenshot of this before it gets deleted?

JB: Here’s your screenshot. You can keep it in your “Lance folder” <>

Xx: That Trek in the background looks exactly like the Trek 5200/5500 Team Edition used by USPS in 1999 (frame, Dura Ace 7700 levers, bar tape…) 😳

BA: man, you’re observant!

JB: Betsy Kramar Andreu – so I repeat my question, Mrs Andreu. It’s true that Mike Anderson wasn’t a mechanic at any of the Tours de France. So who were the mechanics and any other people who worked on Mr Armstrong’s bicycles?

BA: Are you desperate for attention or what?

JB: Betsy Kramar Andreu – Mrs. Andreu, absolutely not. 

If you read my posts to you, you will (hopefully) notice that I’m writing in a respectful way, and my question to you about who have been the people who have worked on Lance’s bike is in my opinion a logical and reasonable question.

That’s all. 

I’m still waiting for your answer to that question, which is directly related to the topic of your initial post, and my only intention is to add some common sense to this debate.

BA: Johan, repeat the question because I didn’t read it the first time. If you come to the U.S. we can talk. You’re not avoiding the U.S. are you?

JB: Betsy Kramar Andreu Betsy, if you would like to read my question, one option would be to scroll upwards in this thread until you see it. 

I want to spare you this effort so you can read it here, all it took for me was to go find it, copy it and paste it here:
“Betsy Kramar Andreu – Who were his mechanics during all of his Tours then, Mrs. Andreu? I thought I might ask you since it seems that you have first hand knowledge of basically everything that happened during, in and around the Tours de France. #JustCurious”
I think it’s a valid and reasonable question, directly related to this debate which you have started.
As to the second part of your answer to me: Your question is totally unrelated to this debate, thus totally irrelevant. 

But I can tell you that I can come to your country whenever I wish. Now whether I want to travel to your country or not will be completely up to my wish.
But once again, I repeat, this is completely irrelevant to this discussion.
The reason why I commented was and is very clear: Mike Anderson was never a mechanic at TDF, as you state. Who were the people who have worked on Lance’s bikes during all those years, and I will add a sub question now that we are at it: have you, your good friends Greg and Kathy Lemond or anyone of the CBS crew contacted them and questioned them regarding the allusion you’re seeming to make that Mr Armstrong has used a motor inside his bike?
My question is simple, so I would like to think that the answer can be simple too.
Please feel free to shine a light with any insight knowledge you seem to have about this topic which I may not be aware of.

BA: Answer: without obfuscating and deflecting the answer it would depend on whom you would define as a mechanic, Johan Bruyneel. For example, if someone merely put tape on the handlebars, would that constitute a mechanic? So I don’t presume to know everyone who worked on his bike during the tour. That said, I’m sure you can understand a little hesitance in answering your question. Given that some of your colleagues involved in the biggest doping conspiracy along with the cover-up with which you too are involved wanted me to sign an affidavit smearing David Walsh and supporting Lance, I’m sure you understand my hesitance in answering your question, no?

BA: Have you personally called anyone to threaten them Johan?

JB: With all the best will in the world Betsy, I can’t understand “your little hesitance in answering my simple question”. 

Is it because you don’t have the answer or is it because it’s not sensationally negative enough?

BA: Johan, I answered albeit hesitantly. You do realize that although people don’t trust lance, they don’t trust you even more, right? So even though I consider you very untrustworthy, I answered your question. You are welcome! Do you not like my answer? While I have you here, why are you hung-up with Mike Anderson?

BA: And, Johan, I’m wondering why you care what my answers are when you know all the corruption that went on, in my opinion.

JB: Betsy Kramar Andreu –
Betsy, you obviously are not used to deal with thoughts which don’t correspond with your convictions and even less so to respond to questions which don’t suit your purpose. But I already knew that.
I can tell you that we did call ALL people who have worked on his bikes. Curiously enough for you probably, I have a very good relationship with every single one of them, which may seem strange for someone like you who doesn’t have any other ability than to demonized Lance and I (just to name us 2). 

I guess it’s needless to explain what their response was, since that would be of any interest for your objective.
Re: Mike Anderson. Not hung-up with him at all. I just mentioned him as a consequence of your answer. No specific reason.
Bye now, and may you and you fans have a good one.

Chris Tunnock: Johan Bruyneel JB who first used a motor, in your esteemed opinion. If Cancellara was not first, who actually had used it before him. Personally, I think Varjas or whatever his name is, is full of shit. But I would like to know, it cant just be Froome and Cancellara.

Chris Tunnock: Johan Bruyneel JB I think Lance demonized a few people on the way. hypocrisy aint the most redeeming of human characteristics. And most stood beside and cheered him on. So, if Betsy gets hers back, alls fair in love and war innit?

JB: Chris Tunnock – Chris, I have no idea who used it first. It’s quite clear though that it has been used by some, and the first time I have heard about it was in April of 2010 after the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. 

I can also tell you that I have only seen it in video clips and never in real live.

JB: Chris Tunnock – fair enough.

Connie McDonald: that someone paid Varjas for sole use of this technology for 10 years fits the MO of Lance using Ferrari with a “no-compete” clause

JB: Connie McDonald – well of course you are entitled to your opinion. Everyone is.

BA: Thanks for being civil Johan Bruyneel. Come back anytime you want to answer questions.

Xx: Was that bike in the background there on purpose or just casuality or maybe to start a sh…storm?

JB: Nah, it’s pure coincidence IMO

Xx: Fake News 😉

BA: I’d say don’t give them ideas but already thought that’s what they’ll come up with.

Martin: Jb….was this ever considered at all as part of lances ITT F1 project?

JB: Martin, as I said, the first time I have heard about motors in bikes was in April 2010. So, negative to your question.

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