Trump & Planned Parenthood

A friend’s teenage son recently asked her to explain “Trump’s thing with Planned Parenthood”. 

Let me take a crack at that: 

“It’s very simple, Jack.

 Do you know the way we close the door behind us when we go into the doctor’s office? 

Because what we say to our doctor is private, and nobody in the waiting room has any business knowing what our problem is, right? 

And you know the way our doctor explains the different treatment options available to us? 

And you know the way our doctor has to study ethics and only suggests treatments that she thinks are appropriate for our condition? 

And you know the way the people in the waiting room don’t get to tell me what treatment I am allowed to choose, and which ones they believe my ethically-trained doctor should not be allowed to offer me? 

And you know the way I alone decide which treatment to take under the supervision of my medically and ethically-trained doctor?

Well, the Vice President, Mike Pence, doesn’t believe in any of that and is making rules so that men like him can take away choices from women like me. And he is so determined to take away my choices, he is also willing to take away the only services that many poor women have available to help them check if they have cancer or other diseases. 

So, Mr. Trump’s “thing with Planned Parenthood” is that the president is willing to let poor women die so that Mike Pence’s beliefs get to sit next to every woman in every doctor’s office in America and decide which treatment she is and is not allowed to take.”

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