Jessica Andrews / Dzessika Andreyeva – The Hypocrisy Around Improvements And Nationality

Funny how “our” champion is a great role model, but the champion from the bogeyman country is morally questionable.


There is a British runner named Jessica Andrews and last Saturday she ran an eighty three second PB to become the surprise winner of the British Olympic 10,000m trials and qualify for Rio later this summer…

…But what if her name was Džéssika Andreyeva?

Or Dzhes Arzamasava?

Would we feel differently about an 83 second improvement over 10,000m if we had heard that it happened in the Luzhniki Stadium?

At the Russian track and field Olympic trials?

By an athlete that was not even expected to make the Russian Olympic team?

There would be a strong level of suspicion attributed to such an improvement if just one aspect of this performance was changed – the athlete’s nationality.

This is not intended to accuse or offered as proof of doping in a specific athlete, but rather as a way to highlight the nationalistic double-standards that, not for the first time, influence the anti-doping conversation…

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