We will always have Paris…

I learned a new word today: aetiology. As in ‘the aetiology of terrorism’. It means the investigation of the cause of something. Without doubt, one of those causes is the evil people who manipulate impressionable young men and send them out to commit such atrocities as we saw in Paris, and have them convinced that they are righteous and carrying out the will of God.

But it would serve us well to look in the mirror and ask if we are playing into the hands of those evil men by giving them the propaganda they need to turn good kids into suicide bombers. ISIS has already declared that their HOPE is that these attacks will lead to a crackdown against Muslims in France, making it easier for them to recruit.

There’s a reason the IRA and its sympathizers continue to hold rallies to commemorate the introduction of internment (detention without cause) in 1971 in Ireland by the British army – it continues to be the best recruiting sergeant they have ever had. Every person that was locked up unjustly had brothers, friends and cousins who now had something personal they could relate to that made the calls to radicalize resonate with them. 

So, as upset as we are with ISIS for killing innocent French people in Paris, are we equally upset with our government for killing innocent French people in the MSF hospital in Kunduz? If not, why not? Knowingly attacking civilians is against the Geneva Convention. You know, war crimes and shit. 

Just thought I would pass this perspective on, inspired as I was by the half-dozen seniors outside the entrance to the CIA today holding signs like “More Drones = Less Peace”. Peace begins at home. Peace begins inside each of us. Peace and love allow us to value all lives equally, and not allow racist propaganda make us value only the lives of rich, white, western people. 



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