The SCOTUS “I do” for all decision

The reaction to today’s historic Supreme Court decision that states cannot ban same-sex marriages echoed the scenes from Dublin last month. People hugged, kissed, laughed and cried tears of joy. The decision made people feel connected, loved, equal and safe.

Contrast this with the reactions of those who would have preferred a different outcome if the court had ruled in their favor. Would they have reacted with spontaneous love and embraces? It would more likely involve stoic handshakes, pats on the back for a job well-done, and judgmental speeches affirming that their irrational fears were vindicated.

Isn’t America and the world a better place when people are granted universal rights rather than when people have their universal rights taken away? Why is this still a matter of debate? It really shouldn’t be. Let’s move on and continue to look in the mirror to see the only person that needs to change for us to feel better about how we see the world.

CNN Report

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